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El Paso Import Co

In 1979 Jack Dulaney, El Paso Import Company’s President, began dealing in Pre-Columbian art. Eventually, he began to collect and sell vintage and folk furniture and El Paso Import Company, or EPIC for short, was founded in 1985. EPIC’s first retail store opened in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 1987 and has expanded across the United States with locations in Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Texas, in addition to an online store. The company offers a wide variety of custom-crafted and imported furnishings and accessories to individual clients, restaurants, resorts, hotels, designers, and production companies.

Initially the company only dealt in Mexican antiques that were repaired and refurbished by hand – exposing years of paint, love, and life embedded in the character of each piece. With increased demand for EPIC’s unique sensibility, Jack began traveling to new locations in pursuit of a more global aesthetic. EPIC now works with artisans in Mexico, India, Indonesia, Romania, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Europe: traveling the world to bring EPIC’s clients beautifully handmade furnishings. Imported furniture is made from sheesham, acacia, rosewood, or elm, depending on the country of origin.

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