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5 Reasons To Buy Solid Wood vs. Manufactured Wood

For centuries, wood has been a useful resource for mankind. It was a fundamental resource when humans discovered fire, then it quickly became essential in the creation of household items. In recent times, manufactured wood such as MDF, veneer, and composite were introduced in the market to replace the use of solid wood, thus reducing the cost factor. However, home owners who care about the quality of their furniture will continue buying hardwood furniture, such as walnut, pine, alder, and so on.


Moreover, things made of real wood are beneficial to own, stronger and more durable than their manufactured wood counterparts. To educate our readers about how solid wood is far superior over manufactured wood, we have compiled a useful list of reasons to buy solid wood versus manufactured wood.

  1. Can Be Modified: Furniture made of solid wood can be modified easily. Solid wood can be stripped and re-stained, giving the furniture a refreshed look. Due to this aspect, you don’t need to buy new furniture to replace the old one. This is something which is not possible with furniture made from manufactured wood, such as veneered MDF.
  2. Durability: One of the greatest qualities of solid wood is that it ages beautifully and can last for ages with proper care. Wood develops a very nice, desirable patina as it ages.
  3. Return-on-Investment (ROI): Quality solid wood furniture will maintain its value much better than manufactured wood. Although solid wood costs more than manufactured wood, it has a better return-on-investment. Solid wood furniture often become heirloom pieces that can be passed down generation to generation.
  4. Easily Recyclable: Wood is a natural product that can be recycled and given new life because it is durable. At El Paso Import Company, we use a lot of recycled wood that comes from rafters, flooring, barns and more. We convert this wood into new, beautiful tables, sideboards, and doors.
  5. Maintenance: One of the best qualities of real wood is that it requires minimal maintenance. All you should do is wipe and clean it. If the furniture is unlacquered, you can use a high-quality wax.  If the furniture piece is lacquered, a damp cloth followed by a dry cloth will suffice.

At El Paso Import Company, all our solid wood furniture pieces are made with 100% genuine pine, alder poplar, sheesham, mesquite, elm, and reclaimed wood. Browse our catalog today to find your next family heirloom.

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