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EPIC Travels: India

We’ve shared stories from our buying trips around the globe, and in continuing that trend, this month we’ll share our experiences from our most recent Indian furniture buying trip. Here’s some insight into the beautiful Indian culture, their artisan specialties and links to El Paso Import Company’s most popular Indian furniture items. Live well-traveled! India’s […]


EPIC Travels: Romania

When the Berlin Wall came down in Germany, a lot of relics and antiques became available right away. On our¬†first trip to East Germany in the early 1990’s, we bought a lot of small items, such as old baskets, watering pails, small tables and so forth. Then few years later, around 1996, we started travelling […]


Behind The Look: Mexican Antiques, Mortise and Tenon, and Sourcing

The most prominent element of Southwestern style is the liberal use of vintage Mexican furniture; the weathered look of a sturdy piece of furniture that’s been handed down, lends BIG personality to any room. We’ve had several clients come visit our showroom, just to fondly remember how their Grandmothers had old hutches similar to the […]